Friday, April 22, 2005

Side Jobs

I called Tyndall again today. After disrupting their operations for so long, I decided to do a few favors to avoid straining the Truce. And I still feel I should do something after Swallow's...never mind. Gray approved the calls, so I've been running Zionist errands for the past few days. I'm beginning to see why Zion needs operatives so badly.

I've had to rescue seven of their own operatives from situations that could have been avoided, including one who had been under drugs since before the Truce. These people depress me. most disgusitng of all, I had to deliver a data disk to a Merovingian operative, some kind of trade with Zion. The blasted Exile was a werewolf, and had obviously heard of me. It took two minutes to make the trade, and we were less than a centimeter from tearing each other apart the whole time. When I left, I got a snide remark from the beast, but settled for flipping him off on my way out. I'll track him down later.

My freelance work is picking up, I must say. Since I started contracting with Violet to keep the Legion in order, I've been contacted by several other programs looking for a merc. I despise Exiles, but these let me go shoot other useless programs, and then get paid for it. Any case, Mockingbird called me up, wanted some special candlesticks for her collection. She offered good oney, and the chance to leave a burning trail through Crusher terrirtory, so I obliged. When my trail of damage finally reached the building, I had company. Two other programs had just bought the supposedly reserved candlesticks, and would not return them. The dealer just shrugged and said that they made a better offer. The bigger of the two buyers offered me a deal, something about fetching a list the wanted. Whatever. They were Exiles, and I was ticked off.

I'm getting faster with the shotgun draw, the big guy didn't have enough time to yell before I blew him into the far wall. The second guy grabbed the candlesticks and ran, only to have his back pumped full of lead. That's my kind of deal. The dealer started oozing apologies for selling the candlesticks, so I relented. I gave him a neck snap instead of a bullet. Don't ever cheat me. Anyways, Mockingbird was thrilled, and only complained about the amount of blood stuck to the pieces. Women.

Phone's going off again, looks like Flood wants a favor. Up his. Take care when leaving, Lupines are about.


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