Friday, April 08, 2005

No Exit

The Matrix seemed to vibrate around Wraithsight. It was always odd, that moment right before jackout, when sensory inputs come from both worlds. The false world wavered as the process completed, and dissolved into green code as a loud hum filled Wraithsight's ears. He sat up, jooints cracking from his long stay in the Matrix. He could see a blue glow from beyond his pod's main window. Wraithsight threw on his faded, tattered jacket, and stepped outside into the barren wastes of Earth.

A hovercraft, its pads ablaze with blue lightning, slowly dropped in front of his pod. The word "Being" was emblazoned on its bow. Searchlights pierced the darkness around it, illuminating Wraithsight's makeshift pod. He raised a hand, waving it at the hovercraft, trying to get the pilot's attention. A searchlight swiveled towards him, bathing him in white light. He squinted against the light, holding his hand in front of his eyes to keep the intruding brightness out. He heard the sound of a hatch opening, the hiss of the pneumatic struts lowering. A female voice called out.


He saw a silhouette walking towards him, flanked by two others. The searchlight shifted slightly, and he straightened, saluting sharply. "Captain Eunoia, permission to come aboard."

Eunoia raised an eyebrow, then returned the salute. "Granted. Welcome to No Exit, Jay."


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