Monday, April 11, 2005


There was an assassination last night. Three Exiles, leaders of a planned revolt, were cut down in a single night. I would know, I killed them.

Gray called me, told me there was an uprising in the works, and that the three leaders were to be...deleted. They had been careless, and Gray now knew their positions. Too bad for them. First targetwas Annapavlov. Poor Exile never saw it coming. A boot to the stomach, slam to the head, and a following bullet. Deletion complete.

Thessalia was next. This guy had guards, two or three of them. Guards willing to die to protect him. Well, at least they tried. Thessalia himself had a Boorman 5000 under his coat, and got me real good in the right shoulder. I made sure to crush his throat, and let him die for a few minutes for that.

That left Aitken. The leader of these three, he had all the documents Gray needed to get the rest of the uprising. Aitken was full of himself. Only had one guard, a pushover, and his door wasn't locked. He was waiting for me, though. Actaully said "How dare you attack the Great Aitken!". I hate it when they say that, almost makes me feel bad for killing them. Almost. His first and only shot went wide, and I left him with the barrel of his gun buried in his chest. He carried the key to his safe, the idiot, so the documents were easily retreived and mailed to Gray via hardline.

Got a commendation from Gray, approval for my "efficiency". Not sure if that's good or bad. I didn't care, I was bleeding bad from my shoulder, and kinda ticked off at myself for not dodging it. I headed over to Duality, killed a couple of Furies who didn't like me walking in their neighborhood. The view from Duality's roof is incredible. Always makes me feel better to look out and see what it is I'm fighting for, what it is I killed those Exiles for. This world, with so much potential for perfection. It's beautiful.

By this time I was starting to bleed in the real world, and had to go. I jumped, enjoying the sudden silence as I dropped twenty stories to the ground. All you can hear is a low hiss of the air; and for a moment, your mind wonders if this world is not truly real. You can't let this thought stay in your head, otherwise you turn into Silly Putty on impact. It hurts when you land, sure, but the experience is worth it. For that last half second, your belief in the system must be absolute, alse you're dead. Nothing tops that.

Well, I have to try and get some sleep. Finally managing to tune out the background noises of the Being and its crew, but my hand still goes to the gun whenever I hear someone up and about. I'll get used to it.


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