Monday, March 28, 2005

My Story

Welcome back. Please, do not mind the weapon. One must always remain armed in these troubled times.

My story? Yes, I did say I would. Very well, open your ears, redpill, and hear of my choice.


I was once Jay Rizen, computer technician. I lived as the bluepills, happy and prosperous, completely ignorant of the war raging outside my little existence. Until one day, I stumbled on a clue.

It was a Thursday, I believe. The local police brought in a CPU unit, and asked me to pull the message logs from the crashed system. The unit had belonged to an average person, who had gone missing just two days before. I got to work, and had the logs reconstructed in short order. The logs detailed messages back and forth from the user to "Whitefire". I had heard of Whitefire, a hacker and network terrorist. They spoke of something called the "Matrix", that it was the life that we knew, that I knew. And that it was false. Shaken, I phoned the police, and informed them that the logs were complete, and had clues to a known terrorist. Within minutes, Agent Johnson arrived. He demanded the logs, and forbade me from speaking of this event.

Mere days later, I recieved a phone call from Whitefire.
"If you wish to escape this false world, be at Club Nightfall in thirty minutes."
Intrique and fear fought in my mind, but curiousity won out, and I made my way to Nightfall. It was there that I was offered the red pill, told that it was the way into the real world. Whitefire, captain of the Zion hovercraft Exorcism, told me that I had seen the truth, the Matix was false, and the world outside was real.
I swallowed their story, so to speak, and their pill.

They say that everyone goes into shock when they see the real world. I thought I had died and gone to hell. My horror at seeing the state of the planet was matched only by my horror at hearing that I could not return to the Matrix. I had been wrenched from my world of peace, to a barren wasteland, to fight for a cause I did not believe in. Mankind should not have to choose the real world sight unseen. Let them live in bliss, I argued, let them live as they have chosen. But no. Whitefire told me of Morpheus, who commanded us to strain the Matrix, to free every mind we could. I was shattered.

Yet, it has never been in my nature to directly confront those more powerful then me. I decided that I would not try to fight the crew, but would play nice, be a good little Zionist. While on slavage duty at the docks, I began to stow pieces of machinery beneath the Exorcism's deck. While at broadcast depth, I would carefully hide these in a cave near our usual spot. Gradually, I built up a pod. It was really little more than a cockpit on the outside, with one chair, surrounded by display screens. I could not have an operator, so I began to secretly code an automated operator program. Finally, while salvaging the remains of a wrecked ship, I stole the core. That night, while the rest of the crew was asleep, I left the ship with the core, and fled to my pod.

Once in the Matrix, I contacted Agent Johnson, and told him of my plans. I would fight to preserve the Matrix, to keep mankind in their happy little lives. In addition, I gave him the mission plans for the Exorcism, detailing their future bluepill targets.

I have not seen Whitefire since. I imagine she was displeased with my esacpe, and outraged at the presence of Agents on her mission. It does not matter. Now I exist as Wraithsight, and this is my purpose.

Sooner or later, everyone must make a choice. This is mine.

Have a nice existence.


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